Terms and Conditions

This website is operated by Healingcare. Using our website means you have read the terms carefully and also agree to them. Remember, we make changes to our terms and conditions whenever we want. It substantiates the need to thoroughly read all the points before hiring our services.


We are using multiple words in our content that have initial capital letters. These words have some meanings and definitions. Like, we use “Us”, “We”, “You”, “Customers”, “Clients” and many more. All these words represent us and our customers.

Links to Other Websites

We are using various links related to our third party websites. Before using these websites and providing them with any information, it is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions of these websites. Otherwise, if you face any problem, then it is totally because of your negligent behavior, and we will not take any responsibility.

Payment Method

It is your duty to provide our clients with on time payments. Our payment methods are cash on delivery and bank transfers. Do not try to misbehave with our staff, otherwise, we can take strict action against you and may also cancel your booking instantly.


We do not share your personal details with any third person because we know privacy matters most. The purpose of collecting data from you is only for confirmation and to provide you with the right and on time services.


Do not try to copy our content and edit it. If any user tries to do this, we may take serious action. That’s why it is compulsory for you to follow all the terms and conditions while using our website.