Social and Community Participation Service

With our community participation services Perth, we assist you in joining large groups, and helping you pursue your passion and hobbies with like minded people in groups.

Social and Community Participation Service

Social and Community Participation for Disabled People

At healingcare, we arrange multiple NDIS and even non-funded programs and activities both for disabled and normal people. It helps you reach your social and community participation goals. With our programs, you can easily find out about your goals and purpose in life even if you are disabled. Whether you have autism, intellectual disability, or physical disability, you can contact us to acquire these services to live independently and confidently. The scope of our services is confined to disabled people, normal people can also acquire them whenever they want.

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Benefits of Social and Community Participation

  • Enhanced Learning

    Enhanced Learning

    You can acquire great knowledge and insights from other people through this service. The members in groups share their experiences and you can employ them in your life for growth.

  • Professional Development

    Professional Development

    Our community participation programs help you grow professionally by improving your skills, knowledge, and goals in the area of your expertise or industry. Get a job of your choice.

  • Build Social Connections

    Build Social Connections

    You can build strong connections with other members by acquiring our social participation service. Make new friends, and meet mentors of similar interests to create new relations.

  • Improve Physical Health

    Improve Physical Health

    By being involved in our community participation programs, you can improve your physical health. Our programs aid to reduce the anxiety levels among people.

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Assistance with Social and Community Participation

Go on Holiday Camp

To develop a positive attitude and enjoyment in your life, we also take you on holiday camps.

Visit your Local Library

You can enhance your knowledge and learn new things by reading books sitting in the library.

Assistance with Social and Community Participation

Go to Community Events

You can go to community events for new experiences and make new relationships with others.

Attend Personal Development Courses

We offer personal development courses that help you stand out in the competitive world.

Increased Social and Community Participation

If you have an NDIS or premium insurance plan, we help in paying for tuition fees, sports coaching, art classes, and other similar activities that help in building great independence and skills in you. It also pays for camps, classes, and other vacation activities to increase the enjoyment level of your life by reducing stress levels. Being a normal individual, you can also apply for recreational activities, camps and other growth-based programs. Contact us any time to acquire these support services.

Increased Social and Community Participation


You can hire professional social and community service from professional companies like healingcare whenever you need through email or call.

The cost of this service from healingcare depends on your requirements. You can pay for this social and community service by yourself, through NDIS, or a third insurance party.